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Hunting in the South represents generations of proud tradition. It’s why Mixon Seed created Southland Wildlife Seed, to have a brand devoted to safeguarding this time-honored culture for future generations.


From weekend hunters to exclusive sporting plantations, SouthLand Wildlife Seed is the premier option for anyone interested in high-quality wildlife seeds for their food plots. Our portfolio consists of our proprietary blends, custom mixes, and key, single-species options. Each are nutrient-rich, wildlife food sources that are also good for the environment. As a result, you can rely on our range of products, which have been selected specifically for the South, to keep growing your legacy.

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Our Products

Focused on conservation and environmental impact

The understanding of soil health and its direct impact on environmental and ecological sustainability continues to grow. In addition to being great food sources for wildlife, most of SouthLand’s wildlife seeds do an excellent job of converting CO2 from the air into organic matter in the soil, which is a real win-win for soil and environmental health. Plus, our products are non-GMO and provide excellent food and shelter sources for bees and other pollinators, which are critical to keeping ecosystems sustainable.

In addition to our signature proprietary mix, which has been a category best seller for years, we also offer a superior line of forage mixes and blends just right for growing highly productive food plots and robust wildlife populations in Southeastern climates.


wildlife food plot fall seed mix
SLW Fall Signature Mix

Triticale, Wheat, Oats, Clover, Rape, Radish, Winter Peas

All soil

All Animals

SLW Clover Blend

Crimson (2), White (Ladino), Balansa, Berseem, Arrowleaf

All soil, tolerates poor drainage

Deer, Turkey

SLW RTR Brassica

Rape,  Turnips, Radish

Well-drained soil


SLW Small Grains Mix

Oats, Wheat, Triticale

All, well-drained soil

Deer, Quail, Turkey

SLW Ray’s ReMix

Winter Peas, Oats, Triticale, Clover, Vetch, Ryegrass, Turnips, Radish

All soil

Deer, Turkey, Cattle (For Grazing)


SLW Spring Signature Mix

Soybeans, Cowpeas, Sunflowers, Buckwheat, Sorghum

All soil

All Animals

SLW Ultimate Protein Mix

Soybeans, Lab Lab, Cowpeas, Sunn Hemp

All soil

Deer, Turkey

SLW Upland Bird Mix

Millets (3), Sorghums (2), Sesame, Egyptian Wheat

All, well-drained soil

Dove, Pheasant, Quail, Turkey

SLW Waterfowl Rice Blend

Commercial and Charleston Gold

Moist, tolerates poor drainage/flooding, loam to heavy clay


SLW Waterfowl Buffet Mix

Millets (4), Sorghum, Buckwheat

All, tolerates poor drainage/light flooding

Waterfowl, Deer, Dove, Quail, Turkey

We also offer an extensive range of SouthLand Wildlife seed products for any species in the southeast, including:
SPRING: Chufa, Rice, Millets, Sunflowers
FALL: Forage Oats, Winter Peas, Turnips, Clover


Need a Custom Blend? We’re Game.

Unlike the competition, SouthLand Wildlife produces our blends and mixes in-house. That means we’re capable and ready to create a mix for your specific goals and landscape attributes. We understand that no one knows their land more than you. It’s why we’re committed to providing the best options available, whether that’s one of our existing blends or one designed just for you. In most cases we can have custom orders turned around quickly so you don’t have to wait to plant.

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Established Experts

A new brand with established roots

SouthLand Wildlife Seed is locally owned, and our team has half a century of experience in the seed business. We’re dedicated to preserving the rich culture of hunting in the South by helping wildlife managers and hunters maximize the productivity of their land. Locally produced and stored in climate-controlled environments, our seeds are second to none when it comes to key quality parameters like germination and vigor.

We understand that the knowledge around hunting and wildlife management is often passed down through generations. Our team is dedicated not only to keeping that wisdom alive, but also broadening it through research and good, old-fashioned trial and error. Give us a call to talk about your unique needs. We firmly believe that establishing trust through personal relationships and partnerships is the only sustainable way to do business.

Proven Results/Quality

Experience makes the difference

When we set our sights on creating SouthLand Wildlife Seed, we did it with an eye on developing quality products and the knowledge of how to use them. Ten years, and countless numbers of trials later, we have developed some of the most productive wildlife seed options available. That’s because SouthLand’s products integrate the same level of care, dedication and expertise that have made our parent company, Mixon Seed, an industry leader in the agricultural seed industry since 1973.